Pam Roach closes in on victory in Pierce County Council race



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Public safety is our first priority.  As a State Senator Pam gets results.

Homelessness, property and drug crimes, and mental health issues threaten our families and businesses.

Pam will work together with council members and community leaders to  provide needed law enforcement and mental health services in Pierce County.

Pam cares about seniors and families struggling because property taxes are too high, driving seniors from their homes and keeping young families from home ownership.




“At the request of Auburn Mayor Nancy Backus, State Senator Joe Fain and I will co-host a series of forums on homelessness for local elected officials. We all want action items. North Pierce and South King County will work together FOR THE FIRST TIME to prevent and reduce homelessness.”

We must:
• Reduce the supply of illegal opioids like heroin and Oxycodone

• Recognize it is less expensive to house people than to jail them

• Provide treatment and work toward family reconciliation

Endorsements and Supporters

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State Senator Mark Miloscia

Pierce County Councilmember Joyce McDonald;

Auburn Mayor Nancy Backus;

Auburn Councilmember Bill Peloza;

Auburn Councilmember Rich Wagner;

Edgewood City Councilmember Mark Creley;

Edgewood City Councilmember Donna O’Ravez;

Edgewood City Councilmember Steve Cope;

Fife Councilmember Pat Hulcey;

Fife Councilmember Winston Marsh;

Milton Councilmember Tony Bennest;

Milton Councilmember Jim Manley;

Puyallup Councilmember Tom Swanson;

Puyallup Mayor John Knutson (ret.);

Puyallup City Council Member Steve Vermillion (ret.);

Sumner Councilmember Patrick Reed;

Jerry Korum;

Miles Sand and Gravel;

ILWU (Longshoreman),Local 23;

Operating Engineers, Local 612;

SEIU 1199NW (Nurses);

SEIU 775NW (Long-term Care Workers);

Central Pierce Fire and Rescue;

East Pierce Fire and Rescue;

Pierce County Deputy Sheriffs Independent Guild;

Pierce County Sportsmen’s Council;

Pierce County Deputy Sheriffs;

Wash. Fire Commissioners Assn.;

Wash. State Association of Fire Chiefs;

Pierce County Jail Guards;

Citizens for Better Government;

WA State Public Hospitals ;

United Transportation Union;

Pierce County Realtors;

Pierce County Master Builders;

Rental Housing Association;

Pierce County Affordable Housing Intl.;

Pierce County Sportsmen’s Council;

Associated General Contractors Wash.;

Motorsport Dealers;

Wash. State Auto Dealers;

King-Pierce Farm Bureaus

Fisher Investments;

SSA Terminals;

ILWU Longshoremen, Local 23;

Pacific NW Regional Council of Carpenters;

Retired State Employees;

Plumbers and Pipefitters


Pam Roach helping children around the world.


Roach elected Senate president pro tem


When DOT wanted to close a Hwy 410 bridge for four weekends during Christmas and ski season rush, Pam called a public meeting with DOT. Thanks to Pam’s leadership the non-emergency bridge repairs were delayed helping our area economy.

White River Bridge Repairs


Pam Roach Co-Chair~ Washington Sportsmen’s Caucus

Capitol Campus "Fish-Out" Sponsored by Senator Roach, West Campus, 36th Day of Legislative Session

Capitol Campus “Fish-in” Sponsored by Senator Roach, West Campus, 36th Day of Legislative Session


“On her worst day ever, Pam Roach will infinitely and eternally exceed Carolyn Edmonds, who has never had a best day, let alone a good one.

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Scott Sinclair, News Tribune Editorial

Most everyone who follows my posts knows that, while I now live in New Jersey, my “home” is in Washington state where I lived for 48 years until moving east in 2011. During my tenure there, I was very active in state and local politics and issues, one of which was what came to be known as the Eastside Tent City Wars in King County. That entire brouhaha was fomented by a bungling and incompetent member of the King County Council, Carolyn Edmonds, who, without any notice or consultation with local residents, attempted to locate a homeless encampment on transit-owned property adjacent to the Brickyard Road Park & Ride at NE 160th and I-405.
That it was subsequently discovered that such a use for the property was illegal per covenants in the deed and restrictions that the property be used for transit purposes ONLY showed that Edmonds failed to perform due diligence prior to going ahead with her cockamamie scheme.
That she failed to give advance notice to her constituents as she was cooking up the deal in a backroom at the King County Courthouse says she was more interested in scoring points with the downtown Seattle hard-left activist community than she was in representing the people of North King County.
Because of MASSIVE community pressure, the encampment never made it to the park & ride. Instead, it went up the road a couple of miles to a church in Bothell and thereafter it has bounced around from church to church on the Eastside ever since. For over two years, animosity between local residents wherever the camp went and the stick-in-the-eye attitude of SHARE/WHEEL, the activist organization that ran the camp, resulted in angry community meetings, litigation, countless hours of city and county council hearings and a lot of money getting tossed down the rat hole.
All of this because an inept political hack didn’t do a few political basics to measure the temperature of her constituents and show them respect. Now, after being booted from the KC Council by voters in 2005, she carpet bags her sorry self to Pierce County where she wants to inflict her unique style of damage on residents down there where she is running against long-time state Sen. Pam Roach for a seat on that council.
Admittedly, Sen. Roach is a controversial figure in Washington state politics and has been for years. She’s unabashed, speaks her mind, doesn’t follow “the rules” for politically-correct campaigning and governance and generally is a pain in the ass to liberals and even members of her own GOP caucus.
But on her worst day ever, Pam Roach will infinitely and eternally exceed Carolyn Edmonds, who has never had a best day, let alone a good one.
I say so in this letter to the editor of The (Tacoma) News Tribune. Hope it helps the cause.


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